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Welcome to Paola Nájera, our fashion is fueled by your dreams and aspirations. I am a fashion and image designer, entrepreneur and dreamer, creator of Collections whose mission is to inspire through the sophisticated, minimalist and feminine of our world of luxury - semi-luxury in our different lines, each piece designed is a reflection of my commitment with excellence, responsible luxury, powerful femininity and the dignity of our creators.

“We live to drive your dreams.”


A tireless creative

His latest collection is called “La Intuitión” which is an invitation to self-discovery of that inner voice that can lead us to create magic. This exclusive collection of 20 outlets was presented in 2022 for Latin Fashion Week in New York.
His “Dualidad” collection was presented at Fashion
Week of Houston,Tx. At the closing of MODAMA, I will create
– Leon Gto, CDMX and within the framework of the Film Festival
of Tequila.
Her collection “It's Her” was presented at Fashion
Mercedes Benz Week in Laredo, Tx. USES

His “FEELS” collection was invited to represent the country
at the United States embassy. He produced the costumes and art direction of the renowned director Arturo Villaseñor.



We inaugurated our strong, sophisticated and genuine “Executive Luxury” line. Each design is a work of art, meticulously created to enhance not only the beauty, but the power and confidence of the wearer. This collection is a tribute to the Global Woman Leader, inspired by bold, leading women who live with passion.

Welcome to the world of executive luxury!
Your dreams, goals and personality merge to celebrate your authenticity, with our designs.


through fashion

My 'Fashion Alchemy' project is my way of giving back. Through personalized advice and training, I have had the honor of impacting more than 2,000 people, from housewives to businessmen and public servants. This project is my heart; It is where fashion meets purpose, transforming lives and empowering each individual to discover their best version.


Redefining success your way

As a designer specializing in exclusive custom creations and personal brand consultant, I collaborate closely with prominent businesswomen, artists and public figures in Mexico to enhance their presence and unique style. My active participation in the fashion scene leads me to contribute to prestigious events such as Intermoda, Minerva Fashion, Fashion Night and New York Fashion Week, where innovation and avant-garde meet to shape the future of fashion.


Fashion as a message to women

I have participated in various scenarios inspiring women to be themselves through fashion.

I have been invited by the Turkish embassy to represent Mexico in 2023.

Ambassador of big brands such as: Merdedes Benz - Eurostern, Vanish, among others.
Awarded the "Mexico in your hands" 2021 award